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Pick My Brain

Non-Fiction Book Publishing......New Business.....Life

Pick My Brain Sessions are perfect if you need to ask questions or create a strategy to implement. Through clarity, strategy, and intentional implementation, clients become crystal clear on their next step actions. Monique’s clients are ready right now women that are willing to do the work to achieve their highest goals in life, business, or book creation. Make today the day, you shift from talking about ideas, to bragging on “idids.”

Is This You?

Do you feel stuck where you are, and know you're ready to move forward? Do you have audacious goals and desire assistance implementing? Are you retiring, and need to map out your next steps in life or a new career? Do you want to highlight your expertise and build credibility by publishing a book? Do you have a business idea or “Hot Hobby” that you want to turn into full time income? If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s get started today. 


This is an intense action oriented 60 minutes.

You will leave with immediate next steps to implement!




During my six weeks coaching experience, I have grown to better understand the need to organize my business finances, the importance of office scheduling, how to identify my clients and how to collaborate with other organizations. Ms. Monique Piper has given me the opportunity to identify my personal and professional assets and liabilities which has been of the most importance.


With the knowledge and awareness I have obtained, I am able to understand my  mission to succeed on purpose.  I would recommend her services to everyone that feel they need assistance in their business development and personal growth. Her coaching techniques has given me more than words can say, it has given me the opportunity to learn, expand and grow personally and professionally.


Patricia A. Harrell

Executive Director

Mirror of Grace Outreach, Baton Rouge, La

*You will be sent an email with appointment times to choose from within 24 hours*


I have become much more confident since we started our coaching sessions. I was so unsure of what I wanted to do and afraid I may not make a good job choice: either a job too complicated in which I would be unhappy or fail; or I would choose something that was not challenging enough. I developed a better understanding over the weeks of what I did and did not want to pursue.


I secured a temporary job and realized that I did not want to do that long-term. Coaching allowed me to discover the opportunity to combine my passion for cooking and volunteering by providing cooking classes to homeless families transitioning back into housing. I have also learned to take some time for myself each week, either going out with friends or going to an exercise class.

I am hoping some time in the future that we might meet in person.

Leah Daniel, Tulsa, OK

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