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In this life-changing book, you will learn how to identify and revisit your places of strength. Monique gracefully takes you through her life lessons of strength and tenacity. Monique's upbringing and her trying teenage years has the ability to transform readers, motivate and enlighten them, and give them information in story form that each reader can absorb. I have read many personal development books, none has captured my attention in the first few chapters as Monique Moliere's book. After reading her book it challenges you to go back into her-story to see how it all comes together for the good.

                                                                                                                                               -Lucinda Cross, author of The Road to Redemption



 "Wow is all I can say, this book is an absolute must read. If you’ve ever thought that you have to take what life’s hand deals you, think again, Monique Moliere Piper, shows you inside of her world and some of the struggles that she had to overcome. If you are looking for a book that gives you REAL talk without the fluff, you should hurry to place your order on this great book. I highly recommend this book."


                                                                                                                                                      -LaTersa Blakely, author of From Brokenness to Greatness


Monique Moliere Piper is a Speaker, Purpose Coach, and Best Selling Author. She has taught women across the United States how to improve their lives by connecting to the Power of Purpose.  

Monique is the Founder of On Purpose Coaching, providing one on one and group coaching to women.  A life-long learner, Monique absorbs tools to live deliberately from a multitude of sources. She then turns this information into strategies that save her clients valuable time and money. Her husband and three children are her greatest motivation to teach herself and others to “Do more tomorrow by being more today.”





What inspired you to write Dance in the Sun?


Women having the same conversations wondering why they can’t start that business, meet the right one, or achieve fulfillment. Desperately wanting to bring these desires into their life, but having no idea how to write the invite. It is impossible to construct an invitation when you have forgotten the alphabet. Over the years, much of who you really are and what you really want gets conditioned out.  Probably by people that loved you the most, because that is what was done to them. Or, they want to protect you from disappointment.  


The constant barrage of no, be realistic, and you can’t do that paints a limited belief in your mind of what’s possible. Next we add our own statements like “I’ve always been this way” and “This is who I am.”  You then use the ups and downs that occur in life as confirmation of your limiting beliefs.  Now anything you want to do if you even have a clue, gets funneled through your limited beliefs about what’s possible for you. This makes it very difficult to achieve new spicy adventurous goals. It’s also difficult to rise above being content into real happiness when your life feels restricted. This is like trying to breathe with hands wrapped around your neck. I suspect that is also no easy task.


Another problem with this thinking, much of what’s great gets ignored and what’s less than ideal gets highlighted. So what happens? You start to feel stuck and frustrated with where you are. Day by day year by year these feelings grow until if and when something interrupts this loop. My interruption came by way of an article on happiness.  The article stated that genetics was largely in control of your level of happiness in life. In short, you are either born happy or not. This frightened me to think that my happiness was predetermined. Secretly, because I knew that my happiness like my life like thousands of others was stuck. And without some real courageous mental changes, it was going to stay that way.


The purpose of the book is to first be that interruption that causes you to pause and think. “Hey, I have more inside of me than I ever imagined. It may be under a bunch of mental and habit junk, but it’s still here.” The second purpose is to provide strategies on how to pull the more out into the sunshine.  


Does the book use experiences from your life?


The book uses experiences from my life and other sources to give practical advice on removing the limitations that keep you stuck, frustrated, and confused.


Is your target audience primarily women?


Women do naturally gravitate to the title “Dance in the Sun.” Let’s face it, the title isn’t very masculine. However the book is intended for everyone and anyone that wants to move past where they are. Personal growth thankfully has no gender bias.


Do you have sample chapters of your book available?


Email my team at with sample chapters in the subject line. The chapters will be attached to the reply.


Are you available for interviews?


Yes I am available for interviews, speaking engagements, and guest blogging. Contact me directly by phone at 504-473-6830 or email at



Book Chapters




Strategies to get through it all


Chapter 1: How we get shaped (The women in My Life)


Chapter 2: The Live We Live Are The Sum of Our Choices


Chapter 3: Happiness Lies Within


Chapter 4: Attitude Isn’t Everything It’s Just 90% of Everything


Chapter 5: Quantity vs. Quality of Life


Chapter 6: Everything I Know About Men


Chapter 7: Cursing the Blue Sky


Chapter 8: It Ain’t What You do, It’s What You Think


Chapter 9: The Problem with Fighting Over Scraps


Chapter 10: Yes Sir, Only the Best for Me


Chapter 11: The Road to Nowhere is Paved with the Best of Intentions


Chapter 12: The Good Dog


Chapter 13: The Power of Choice


Chapter 14: You Will Have to Be New to Do New


Chapter 15: Procrastination Hesitation=Stagnation (P+H=S)


Chapter 16: When the Going Gets Tough


Chapter 17 Fall First




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DANCE IN THE SUN - Being the Authentic You

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