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Leverage Your Voice 2019 Book Publishing Intensive

Create a Book that Grows Your Brand in Months not Years! Only 10 Premium Clients Accepted Annually.


If you’re here, this is what I know about you. You’re over ready to share your message. You either have a book still in your head or you’ve started one and haven’t finished. Leverage Your Voice Publishing is a safe space that allows you to cross the finish line to a professionally self-published book no matter where you are in your writing journey.

Maybe you've started a book or considered writing one. But for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened. Maybe life, time, or not knowing how to bring your ideas into a targeted message has stopped you. Then, there’s the work of publishing. Getting it edited, formatted and distributed can be time consuming and confusing. And let’s be honest, we’re all short on time. So, what happens? Your book idea gets put on the shelf for "another" day which, usually becomes "no day." You make excuses such as, “I’ll do it when I have more time.” Another one I hear a lot, “I’ll do it when I get clear about my message.” These are just not so creative stalling tactics. I know from experience. My book didn’t get done until I got the resources I needed. Resources like a writing coach, publishing, and distribution assistance.

Books are powerful! They can create, increase and define your brand. Good books offer a solution to your audience. Solutions make your audience hungry to work with you, hear you speak, or buy your product. I continue to get clients, interviews, and speaking engagements from a book I wrote five years ago. Becoming an author is an investment that never stops paying dividends and it's regret free. Have you ever met someone sorry they wrote a book? No stock on Wall Street can offer you that. Leverage Your Voice is a program that moves you from contemplation to completion without the overwhelm of figuring everything out on your own. 

So, if you’re ready to stop talking about writing a book, and finally share your unique solution or meaningful message Leverage Your Voice is right for you!

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What Do You Get?

  • Book Coaching Sessions (over 90 days to keep you on track)

  • Write Your Best Book Template

  • Basic Book Cover Design

  • Color Cover/ Black/White Interior

  • Coaching on how to Increase Your Brand Power

  • Global Distribution Setup with Amazon

  • Website Content Review

  • Money Today Marketing Plan

  • Complete Content and Proof Edit

*Leverage Your Voice Intensive $3497

*Includes all benefits above


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bookpic (1).JPG

"My Story"


I know from personal experience why you haven't completed your book. Bottom line, it's hard. Desire is not enough. It took me 3 long years to finish my 2x best-seller Dance in the Sun: Being the Authentic You. Here’s a secret that’s not so secret, it took 2 ½ years to write the first half. However, I wrote and published the other half (another 30,000 words) in 6-months! What made the difference? C.O.A.C.H.I.N.G


There I was trying to write a book. Keyword is trying, because the process felt painful and overwhelming. Can you relate? I had been coaching and speaking for a few years at the time. Now I wanted to expand my brand by building credibility through publishing a book. Not to mention, my mentor, husband, a college professor, and maybe a couple of strangers on the street (not really, but you get the point) had been strongly urging (harassing) me for years to share my story. Does this sound familiar? You want to write a book or been told you should write one, but can't seem to get done.


For me, the turning point came when almost every time I reached out to a news outlet to be a guest, they had the same question…”What’s the title of your book?” As you can imagine, once they found out I was not an author, the communication pretty much died on the vine. There's no way of getting around it, books elevate your brand and voice. They make audiences stand up and pay attention.


So, there I was focused on getting a book written in 90 days. The first week, I wrote a few thousand words. My pace quickly went from a run out the gate, to a walk, a crawl, and finally a collapse. I was stuck and overwhelmed. What do I write next? Who will read my book? Am I targeting my audience correctly? How will I sell the book? I struggled for 2 ½ years. Literally as a last resort, and not believing I really needed the help, because I could do it on my own…I decided to work with a coach. Months later (not years), I became a published author! That’s the power of getting the right coach.


Most people who want to write a book never do. I know these days, it seems everyone has one. The data tells us that's not true. According to a recent survey, “81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them -- and that they should write it.” Life, lack of message clarity, overwhelm, confusion on what to do next, and even finances are all excuses to why you haven’t got your book published. Remember, I know from experience. You do have a choice however. You can stay stuck, and ultimately regret not ever writing a book. Or make the decision to be all in and get the support you need.


There’s an audience out there waiting on your special message, solution or experience. Don’t let them down.

A Few Testimonials:


Wow! I’m in awe of Monique’s ability to condense and “wrap up” my story!

Working with her on the Imprint book was quite an experience. I had never written for a book before and she, as our leader and collaborator, was warm, encouraging, patient, and always kept us abreast of things going on with the book! Monique Moliere Piper is an excellent leader and teacher! Sheryl Manuel - Entrepreneur


Before working with Monique I imagined writing a book but it was just a scribble on my someday/maybe list. I had no idea how to start or what to write about. During the process Monique's coaching was just what I needed to get unstuck when writer's block hit.  She was right there to help get my thoughts on the page and transform those thoughts into a story. Now I feel like I have some techniques to help me get started, stay focused, and complete my writing projects.


I am really looking forward to working with her again. Teresa Taylor - Productivity Coach & Profession

Tammy_Square_Back Cover.png

Monique was very professional. She gave clear expectations with easy to follow directions. Monique was readily available to answer any questions I had or to bounce ideas off of. My thoughts and ideas would still be just that if Monique wouldn’t have encouraged me to get them published. 

I'm excited about my next project! Tammy Freeman, DTM - Business Owner 

GailScott Dec17.jpg

For me, working with Monique has been an eye opening, cathartic, learning experience. Monique has the unique gift of helping others. I would highly recommend Monique as a writing coach to anyone who has serious dreams and aspirations of becoming a published author. Monique has the unique ability to bring together your thoughts, feelings and ideas a beautiful book!

She is honest, has integrity, and the knowledge to guide you through the writing process from beginning to end. Thank you again Monique! Linda Gail Scott – New Author

*Leverage Your Voice Intensive $3497

*Includes all benefits above


Want to learn more about the program?

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Leverage Your Voice Publishing Is Right For...





Professional Coaches

Image Consultants & Stylists


Marketing & Media Consultants

Branding Experts & Strategists

Fitness Professionals & Trainers

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Relationship Therapists

Wellness & Spiritual Coaches

Professional Organizers

Virtual Assistants

Graphics & Web Designers

Event Planners

Financial Planners

Lawyers…and more!

Reasons Leverage Your Voice is NOT right for You?

1) You want to continue to procrastinate

2) Have no idea why you want to write a book, it just “feels” like a good  idea (must have a business or strong message to share)

3) Become easily frustrated when doing something new or challenging

4) Have no follow through

5) An information and google addict, more interested in contemplation than completion

Why You Should Write a Book:



It’s important to note, most authors do not make a lot of money off of book sales. I’m not saying you can’t, I’m saying they usually don’t. And individual book sales is not the business model I suggest with my clients. You use the book as leverage for other income streams.


*According to, Mike Schultz, principal of the Wellesley Hills Group, of Framingham decided to measure the impact of authoring a book. His marketing company surveyed 200 business book writers. 96% reported a significant positive impact of writing a book. The benefits they cited were things like "generating more leads, closing more deals, charging higher fees, and getting better speaking engagements." 


Instant Credibility

You are viewed as an expert in your field, and someone that is both a teacher and student in the subject area. It builds trust, you are not here today and gone tomorrow.

It’s an Advertisement

Business card and branding all wrapped up into one.

It’s Pure Content

You can create programs, articles, speeches and new books.

You Become Immortal

Most people don’t throw away books. Usually, when they want to get rid of books they give them away to nonprofits that sell them, or to another person that gets you in front of a new audience.

Media Coverage

News people are always looking for credible sources. Authors are seen as experts in their fields. So guess who they want to interview? People that write books.

You Did It!

Every year thousands of people quit writing a book altogether. Or, never get out of the "working on it" phase. Ever heard someone say they’ve been working on a book for years? It’s great to actually finish what you start. I've never met someone sorry they became an author. Have you?

Why Work With Me?

I bring to the table a combination of skills to take you from contemplation to completion. As an author, I’ve published two best-selling books, created a conference, appeared in various media, and hosted several events based on those books. As a professional coach, I’ve empowered new authors to breakthrough blocks to write their first book. As a speaker, I know how to make sure your message is clean, crisp and resonates with your target audience.

GroupPhoto 9T4A4010.jpg

I want to make your yes easy. So, there is no finance charge added on to installment payments. What you see is what you get. There’s no fine print you need to read. Bonus, you get a $500 discount when you invest the full payment in Leverage Your Voice Intensive. Take advantage of this instant savings!

*Leverage Your Voice Intensive $3497

*Includes all benefits above


Want to learn more about the program?

Click to Schedule a Story Strategy Session


What Do You Get?

  • Book Coaching Sessions (over 90 days to keep you on track)

  • Write Your Best Book Template

  • Basic Book Cover Design

  • Color Cover/ Black/White Interior

  • Coaching on how to Increase Your Brand Power

  • Global Distribution Setup with Amazon

  • Website Content Review

  • Money Today Marketing Plan

  • Complete Content and Proof Edit

Long Bio…

Monique Moliere Piper, MA is the Founder of Piper Training International LLC, a global success coaching and training company, devoted to ambitious leaders and organizations ready to increase their leadership, presence and life. Known as The Win Specialist, she uses her stories to demonstrate the connection between intentional action and sustained success.

 As a keynote speaker, best-selling author, transformational coach and business strategist, Monique empowers individuals to build sustainable success in their lives, businesses, and for those they lead. She is the creator of the proprietary O.W.N.N. Coaching Strategy. A system designed to move clients into immediate “On Purpose” action with measurable results. Her clients shift from talking about ideas to celebrating “I-dids." Dance in the Sun, an Amazon two time best-selling book is filled with valuable relatable life lessons that unstick the stuck. She is the chief visionary of the Dance in the Sun Experience. A conference focused on accelerating a professional woman’s life, career and business outcomes.

Monique is a popular guest on CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates, radio and a contributor to the Huffington Post. When not speaking or coaching, she’s lost in a book, spending time with her family, and perfecting handed-down New Orleans recipes with her mother. Monique has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, and a Master of Psychology with a concentration in Strategic Leadership. She received her Certified Coach Certification from an International Coach Federation approved program.

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