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Monique Moliere Piper

Speaker|Author|Master Coach

Book Monique to speak at your next conference, luncheon, retreat, or teleseminar. She will deliver an impact filled inspiration in action message to your attendees.

Monique is a #1 Best Selling Author with over 8 years of experience keynote speaking, teaching and coaching groups of individuals and entrepreneurs. She demonstrates to her audience how to break free of self–limiting beliefs to accelerate their personal results. Attendees receive practical immediately applicable steps that allow them to attain their goals faster.














Own Your Expertise

Make Writing a Breeze 


Let's keep it real, writing can be intimidating. And why do you need to write a book anyway? You're a traditional business owner or professional. Well, because we’re overrun by choices. You need to stand out. Learn how to package your professional expertise through creating content. You’ll be provided strategies that make the process headache free and saves you time. Uplevel your personal brand on

platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Differentiate yourself from others in your field. Even if you never publish a book, you’ll know how to create sharable relevant information. Making you the person to contact in your ideal market, and become a solution instead of another choice to an employer or client.


The Brand of You

Building Power Presence

What is a personal brand? How do I create one that matters? These are questions many professionals find themselves asking. First, a personal brand is how your audience describes you. When done effectively, it’s the lasting mark you leave on those you touch. A brand tells the story of what you do in clear concise relatable language. In this talk, you will learn how to define you in a way that connects to your audience, that’s easy and doesn’t leave you with a headache. The audience will be taught the basics of “leveraging your unique voice” to increase visibility, credibility and earning potential. 

Always Choose the Stage

Leading You

Meaningful leadership begins with us. Effective personal leadership is necessary whether you are leading a team or working to accelerate goal attainment. The ability to lead oneself is needed now more than ever. We are in a “results yesterday” based era. One must be ready at all times to step up and step out of their comfort zones. Leaders must know what actions get them the desired results, and what moves them further away. This requires building internal muscles, such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-motivation. In this speech, you will learn the characteristics of fantastic self-leadership, how to develop it and the one thing every successful leadership plan must have. 


*Topics can be customized 


Monique is the CEO of Piper Training International, and the founder of The Dance In The Sun Experience Conference. She has been featured on CBS and ABC news stations is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and has been a guest on dozens of radio and television programs.



Contact: (504) 407-5576


Heading 1

Sample Topics*


Keys to a Successful Life 


Women are more successful today than ever! They’re 47% of the US labor force. Women are leaving men in the dust when it comes to education too. Higher percentages of women than men have at least a high school education, and higher percentages of women than men participate in some form of adult education, according to the Council on Women. At the same time, female happiness has been declining for more than 40 years. Inspired by Monique's Best-Selling book Dance in the Sun, in this discussion, you’ll learn strategies to create sustainable life success and increase your overall well-being. 


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