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A coach is:

A coach IS SOMEONE WHO TRULY CARES ABOUT WHAT you want to create in your life. The coaching agenda is decided by what’s most important to you. There is no list of ought tos, should tos, or wishes. This is a completely results based arena grounded in “I am right now creating.” The client can come knowing exactly what she or he wants to create. Needing the coach’s aid in developing and implementing a measureable action based plan. The client can come to the coaching arena with only the desire to create. Either way a coach will work with the client to reach their greatest potential in clearly outlined goals. A coach will hold the client accountable for their actions, and keep their eyes squarely fixed on what they wish to achieve.

A coach is not:

A coach is not personal therapy or a counseling session. In therapy, often the past is examined to get answers in the present. Coaching looks at what’s going on in your life today. To develop strategies that you can implement today.

What to Expect in Monique’s Coaching Session:

Monique’s coaching strategy is to focus on planning the work and working the plan. While understanding that things happen in life or a client’s agenda may simply change. Monique has the great ability to dance in the moment. Knowing that the music may change, but the client’s true agenda remains the same. That agenda being to live their fullest life by achieving results in purpose filled areas. The client will be held accountable for what they want to show up in their lives. According to Monique, this may mean being told things that are painful to hear. She makes her clients aware of their strengths and brings attention to where work is needed. Monique’s goal for every client is to become aware of where they are. So they can deliberately direct where they go.

Success Coaching is for everyone ready to catapult their lives to the next level. All coaching sessions will utilize 12 core concepts.

• We must have more than a desire for change to change. Actions alone determine the strength of our desire to create something new.


• The quality of our lives are determined for us by us. Values learned in childhood or past experiences have no bearing on today.

• The words "try" or "maybe" signals a lack of commitment to your goal. We choose to "do" or not to "do". The decision is up to us solely.

• Anytime we decide a plan does not work for us we can decide to change it. We are not locked into one method.

• The answer to our happiness lies within us. Past circumstances have no power to influence our present direction.

• The need to judge others negatively or criticize indicates an emptiness within. Looking outwardly at others distracts us from at ourselves.

• Change will happen without you consenting to it. You can actively participate by adapting or sit and complain as change occurs. No decision is the same as making a decision.

• The decision to live "Life on Purpose" may not be welcomed by the people in our lives. Our "change" is different and new to them. They may want the "old comfortable you" to return. They may have negative comments and attempt to verbally challenge your change.

• Our outward change is first an expression of an internal change. So, internal victories will be first and external victories will follow.

​• Waiting to do something means you may never do it. Today, determines our future successes in life.

Risk is the price human beings pay to have significant change in their lives. If you are not willing to take a "risk", no rewards will be attained.

• There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn from an experience.


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