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Monique Moliere Piper, MA is a Keynote Speaker Best Selling Author and Success Coach. Known as The Win Specialist, she uses her stories to demonstrate the connection between On Purpose Action and sustained success. A Coach for over 8 years, she is dedicated to female leaders that want to publish a book, begin a new business or get clear on their next life adventure.


Her calling, is to inspire and teach women how to strategically make their entrepreneurial and life desires happen. Through Monique’s signature O.W.N.N Coaching system, women are able to specifically define their next step actions. They break through mental blocks, become strategic and implement. Her clients move from talking about ideas to celebrating “I-dids." Dance in the Sun, her Amazon two time best-selling book is filled with valuable life lessons.


She is the oldest of 8 children, reared by a single mother in a small two bedroom apartment. At 18, she became a single teenage mother herself. Monique knows what it is to find yourself in the middle of a life story, you never meant to write. She later became the first person in her family to graduate high school, college and own multiple investment properties. Her vast life experience allows her to meet female leaders where they are, and help them craft a plan to get where they want to be.

Monique is married with 3 children and graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She holds a Master of Psychology with a concentration in Strategic Leadership. She received her Certified Coach Training from World Coach Institute an ICF approved program. Living life on purpose means isolating and implementing actions that lead you directly to desired results. Monique is a frequent guest on radio, television, and a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Click the Breakthrough Strategy Session if you want to...........


  • Publish a book that increases your credibility, visibility and profitability 

  • Begin a business that actually makes money

  • Get unstuck in your personal or professional Life 

  • Figure out your next great adventure


My "Life on Purpose" coaching with Monique Moliere Piper was six of the best and most enlightening weeks. I started out feeling conflicted with my own vision, mostly because of other people and my goal was to become clear, focused, and organized.


Although I am still a work in progress by week two I had a schedule to follow and by week three I understood that I truly was clear with a specific vision. "Life on Purpose" coaching helped me to get moving and understand that even though there are no limits on my life I have to give myself a break on how and when to reach the limits.

There is so much I got out of my six weeks, I could go on forever. The bottom line is I am grateful for that time and will definitely be back for more when I get to my next big goal. Thank you so much Monique, it's been a pleasure.  

With gratitude, Oona D. Mulkey Atlanta, GA




I would most definitely recommend Monique's services to others and have already been on the phone with several women who are interested in going into business for themselves. She is welcoming, and has an abundance of information for those who need support in becoming an entrepreneur. She also has tips and tricks for those who have existing businesses and may have encountered road blocks and are stuck in different areas of their business.

I cannot wait to attend The Dance In The Sun Experience Conference, and wish the class she taught was year around!

Katrina Taylor, Baton Rouge, La

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