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Walk Out of Your Story and DANCE Into Your Life!
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Amazon #1 Best Seller

"DANCE IN THE SUN is about

getting started on the journey to

living exactly as God created us

all to be, our authentic selves. 

It addresses the ways in which

this journey gets constantly

interrupted by our habits, beliefs, and conditioning

and the struggles in our lives that cloud our views so

that we never catch a glimpse of our true selves.

This book will show you ways to get on the path to uncovering your heart's desires, instead of what you

have been taught is realistic."

 -Monique Moliere Piper from DANCE IN THE SUN

Who do I work with?


As an Award-Winning Keynote speaker, Monique demonstrates to attendees how to create sustainable success to achieve goals in their careers and lives. Audiences learn methods to become clear, strategic, and most importantly execute through powerful relevant stories. Click Below to view sample speaking topics.  



As a Professional Coach, I empower leaders to leverage their "unique voice" to publish brand-building books, grow their business or figure out their next life adventure.


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 Leverage Your Voice Publishing Program

Increase your impact, credibility, and profitability in the market through the written word! Get Your Book written and published without all the hassle and headache of figuring out what to do on your own. Books have become the new business card. The "Leverage Your Voice” program is for those that want to be known as an expert in their market or have a meaningful message to share. It’s right for both seasoned and new leaders. We will coach you through the entire book writing to self-publishing process. Our team will design your cover, edit and upload your manuscript to book distributors. The best part, you own your book. No paying a vanity printer several thousand and having to pay double and even triple what Amazon charges to buy copies of your book. Click to Learn More About Leverage Your Voice

O.W.N.N. Coaching 

O.W.N.N. Coaching is perfect for those that want to create sustainable success in their personal or professional lives. Are you going through a transition, and need help navigating the water? Are you starting a business? Success coaching will get you unstuck and help you move consistently forward with an actionable plan. Do you have audacious goals and desire assistance implementing? Are you retiring, and need to map out your next great adventure in life or a new career? My clients are clearer, confident and focused on their next step actions. Over 3 months we will develop and implement a strategic plan that moves you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Book Now!!!


Monique guides without being judgmental. She made me feel as if my ideas, feelings, and dreams were important, and we developed a plan to make them happen. I always felt as if the ideas that came out during coaching were mine. In the time we have worked together, I completed a Vegan Cook book and started a speaking career. Monique has a way of saying the right thing at just the right time to push you forward. Without her I don’t know if I would be where I am now in my life, Thank You Monique!

 Susie Washington Detroit, Michigan                                           





Get on Purpose, Be on Purpose, Stay on Purpose

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